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Our default colour is now a more décor friendly mid-grey colour and white
1 With the handle in the up and locked position, place the Bealift onto the bath. When correctly positioned, the four short drop down legs should fit securely against the bath rim. 2 Place the child into the Bealift, fasten the groin and body straps (which may be re-located if the position is wrong for your child. 3 Turn the toggle lock to release the handle and slowly pass it over the childs head (500 series) or down their side (600 series) to lower the child into the bath. 4 To raise the child from the bath, first ensure their hands are inside the hammock frame (placed under the straps if necessary) and slowly raise the handle back to the start position and secure once more using the toggle block.
1 Place the Bealift on a flat surface and release and lower the handle to take the tension off the cords. 2 Remove the cords loops from the round bobbins at the ‘foot end’ of the Bealift. 3 Undo the velcro on the underside of the ‘head end’ of the Bealift and slide the hammock from the frame (Note that on a 600 (Single arm) the cord must be withdrawn through the frame. 4 wash the hammock as 100% polyester (40 degrees) Whilst the hammock is off, it’s advisable to wipe down the head and foot rolls to remove any staining. 5 Reverse the process to replace the hammock.
The measurements are taken from the centre of the ‘head roll’ to the centre of the ‘foot roll’.
No, not necessarily as long as the length of the hammock is compatible with the back length of the child, then they should sit comfortably with their bottom at the ‘foot end’ and their legs over hanging the hammock.
This is only possible if you have factory fitted ‘lugs’ (A hook and eye) at the foot end of the Bealift. If you think you may require one in the future, please request they are fitted on when ordering. This is at no extra cost.
Yes, most parts are available to purchase. Please refer to our ‘Price List' page.
The simplest way to tell which size is to turn the Bealift over and count the loops through which the body straps pass. If you count 7 loops, it’s a 27” hammock, 10 loops is a 32” hammock and any more will be a 36” hammock.
Yes, in most cases we can make a bespoke Bealift to fit your particular bath, simply email us and we’ll explain the measurements we need to proceed.
A 500 series Bealift (27. 32 or 36”) BEA/500/BL (/1 & /2) have weight limits of 63kg, 10 stone. A 600 series single arm in both 27” and 30” BEA/600/BL (/1) have limits of 50 kg, 8 stone. Postural supports BEA/500/PS and Shower Seats BEA/500/SS will also hold adults upto 95kg, 15 stone. A Babybather has a limit of 25kg, 5 stone.
Providing your piece of equipment is in stock and not a bespoke request, we aim to get it to you within the week.