Technical Information:

BEA/500/BL (/1)
The 27" &32" Bealift models have a maximum weight restriction of 63 kilo's (10 stones)
A longer 36" Bealift is also available with a similar weight restriction.

Click on the left hand image to see the BEA/500/BL (27" Bealift)

Click on the right hand image to see the BEA/500/BL/1 (32" Bealift) which extends
a little longer at the foot end than the 27"

BEA/600/BL (/1)
The 'single-arm lever' Bealift models have a maximum weight restriction of 50 kilo's (8 stones)
They are available in both 27" and 30" lengths.
These models are manufactured as either left or right hand lever style handles (as opposed to the standard 500 range with a 'U-shaped' handle which goes all the way around the Bealift) and are ideal for use where there is an obstruction on the wall or side of the bath that would stop a 500 model handle from
dropping down fully.
Also the addition of extension bars made to the required length and as a permanent modification onto the ends of the Bealift enable it for use on a corner or extra-wide bath. More info below.....

Other General Information on the Bealift.....

Bealifts are designed to fit baths with an internal width of 20.5" (52cm) and an external width of 28" (71cm) We can, however manufacture a bealift to your own specifications for non standard baths.

Any of our Bealifts can be manufactured with 'lugs' to accomodate either 8" or 14" leg extensions however these must be fitted at the manufacturing stage so even if you think you may need one later, please specify this requirement on your order (this will be at no extra cost)


The Shower Hammock measurements are:
1220mm long, 700mm wide (external)
500mm wide (internal) and each handle measures 100mm. Weight limit is 63 kilo (10 stones.)


The Static Postural Support measurements are:
Overall handle width 700mm (external) 500mm (internal)
Back length is 750mm long, seat length is 300mm
and leg length 300mm. Overall length is 1120mm.
Weight limit approximately 10 stones.


The Babybather Static Support Measurements are:
Overall handle width 700mm (external) 500mm (internal)
Back length is 470mm, seat length is 300mm and leg length is 130mm. Overall length is 840mm.
Weight limit is approximately 5 stones.


Anything we've missed?......... 

For your information:
The Bealift and related items are not 
recommended for multi-person use.
 As the manufacturers of these products our advise would be to have your
    equipment refurbished by us before it is re-issued

to ensure both it's safety and it's hygene.