Our Other Services, Operating Instructions and Manufacturers Recommendations 

Bealift Operating Instruction:
1: With the handle in the 'up' position and lock toggle         secured, place the Bealift on to the bath. When             properly positioned, the four legs should fit                   securely against the rim of the bath.
2: Place the child into the Bealift, fasten body and             groin  straps. If the straps are incorrectly placed,         remove child and relocate straps in appropriate               loops.
3: Turn the lock toggle to release the handle and slowly      raise the handle to lower the child into the bath.
4: To raise the child from the bath, first ensure hands        are inside hammock frame (place under straps if            necessary) and slowly raise handle back to starting        position  and secure with lock toggle

Maintenance of your Product:
We recommend that you carry out the following periodic checks:
1: Examine the cords for any signs of wear.
2: Check the condition of the velcro on the hammock.
3: Remove and wash the hammock at 40°C regularly.
4: Wipe the head and foot rolls with anti-bacterial             spray often to remove any staining.

To remove the hammock, first place the Bealift on a flat surface and release the toggle block. Place the handle in the down position to take the tension out of the cords, the loop(s) can then be unhooked from the 'bobbins' at the lower end of the frame. (Please note that on 600 models the cord needs to be withdrawn through the frame) Undo the velcro from the head end of the hammock and slide it from the frame. Once washed,
simply reverse the process.

Please note that the Bealift and related products are not intended for multi-person use. It is therefore recommended that the unit be returned to us for a total refurbishment prior to any intended  re-distribution.

If you are a family/carer about to receive one of our products
from stores, please ensure that unless the unit has been ordered from brand new, it has been checked thoroughly and has a
'Refurbishment Certificate' present before you accept delivery.
Please see the information below.


Our Other Services....

We offer a full refurbishment service for the Bealift and Postural Supports.
This involves disinfecting the framework, replacement of the 'Plastazote' padding, head & foot rolls (which are heat-sealed onto the frame in our workshop for hygiene.) New hammock, straps and cord(s) as standard and also new starlocks and lock block, if required.......
In short an almost brand new Bealift/ Postural Support is returned to you with cross-contamination issues put to rest.
It is then issued with a 'Refurbishment Certificate'

£202.24 (Bealift)
£185.39 (Postural Support)
This price is inclusive of collection and re-delivery.
We aim to turn-around a refurbishment
within 2-3 days excluding weekends and holidays.

Bespoke Service:
We can also offer a bespoke service on non-standard baths.
Most shapes and sizes can be catered for when the relevant information has been provided. This service is priced according to the alterations/work involved in each individual case. Please contact us if you'd like more information.