Cycle Parking Stands.

We, at BEA also manufacture a variety of Cycle Parking Stands...


Prices are on application and dependant on quantities required.

'Sheffield' Stands





Dimensions are as follows:

BEA/CS/100/E  (surface mounted)
A-650mm B-850mm C-80mmx150mm mounting plate.
 BEA/CS/100/A (plates)
A-650mm B-850mm C-250mm.
BEA/CS/100/C (pins)
A-650mm B-850mm C-250mm.



BEA Flatpack Multi-Cycle stand or 'Toast Rack'

Dimensions are as follows:
A-820mm  B-730mm  C-650mm
Finish: Plastic coated in red or black. Other colours available at additional cost. 

The multi-stands are manufactured  with 50mm x 25mm x 3mm hollow section base rails and 38mm x 10g tubular cycle supports. The   assembly has heavy gauge fixing plates with holes for 10mm bolts (not supplied.) A 17mm socket spanner is the only tool required to assemble on site.
BEA multi stands can be supplied in standard kit form to cater for 6 cycles. Any number of additional cycles in multiples of 2, can be accomodated with the purchase of extra items Q and Y.
Standard Kit to accomodate 6 cycles consists of: 2off end base  tubes (T1)   2off end base tubes (T2)   3off cycle supports (Y)   12off M10 locknuts   12off washers.
For every 2 additional cycles, the following parts are required:  2off intermediate base tubes (Q)   1off cycle support (Y)   4off M10 locknuts   4 off washers.
Note: BEA multi-stands are not intended as a portable stand and when located, MUST be bolted down!


BEA Butterfly Wheel Supports


Loop-20mm dia M.S. Bar
320mm long, 120mm from wall



Tube 38mm diax300mm.
Loops 16mm dia.
A- 560mm B-750mm




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